Meet The Girl



I used to be really into labeling everything in my life. When I began writing and blogging in high school, I wanted to have a clear vision and a goal for myself in the writing world. I wanted my blog to have a certain niche. I watched bloggers become famous almost overnight with darling pictures of their daily lives and short little quips on Instagram. I wanted to be that, but I discovered that it isn't blogging that makes me feel alive. It's the writing. And over the years, I've been through seasons where I've written a lot and seasons that have been dry and I haven't believed I even had anything to offer in terms of stringing words together. 

But today it's October. And I love October. Today I'm a writer. And I've decided that this space will be anything but confining. If it never reaches over a thousand views per day or week or even month, I'm totally okay with that. Because here, I breathe and write. And I hope you come here to breathe and read and feel something inside you come to life again. 

Here, it's about the words. 






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