too much & not enough

Every day, waking up and looking in the mirror with dissatisfaction.

Breakouts. Dark Circles. Hair that’s too straight. Hair that’s too curly. Nose that doesn’t fit face. Thin Lips. Short Eyelashes. Overgrown eyebrows. Wrinkles. Fine lines. Scars. Birthmarks.

Thighs that touch. Skin that’s too pale. Skin that’s too dark. Short nail beds. Veins that show. Torso that’s too short. Body that’s too tall.


too ____ 


not _____ enough


There’s a spirit of unworthiness that lies in between the too much and not enough.

There’s a spirit of comparison that shows its face when we look in the mirror and begin to decide what and who we are characterized by our “flaws.”

We are our most harsh critics.

I know it’s the media. It’s the advertisements that feature women with airbrushed skin and sparkling white teeth. It’s the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and it’s Pinterest and it’s movies and magazines and we blame and blame and blame them as we compare and compare and compare.

But we are our most harsh critic. And we are the change.

Because what is more powerful -- a lifeless, airbrushed billboard woman or a woman you meet on the street whose heartbeat pulses love and life and whose radiance captures the gaze of everyone she interacts with?

Who makes the real impression?

We blame the media and we have every right to do so. But we have to turn from griping and mourning their portrayal of women and turn our focus toward being what they cannot overcome -- our inner radiance -- the kind that cannot be bought and sold. 

A priceless beauty.  

And it’s already inside each one of us because we are made in the Image. 

The Image cannot be bought or sold. It is the source of true radiance, a real lovely beauty which needs only to be awakened through love. 

You can recognize a woman in love because of her glow. It’s as if a side of her awakens when she gives and receives love from another human being.

How much more would we radiantly glow if we truly gave and received love from the One who IS Love? 


We would be irresistible because His love is irresistible.