overwhelming Christmas

Today I learned a priceless lesson.

In the middle of the chaos and the schedules and the to-do’s we must make space.

We must make space for treasured hymns and hot chocolate and Grace stories and tears of joy. 

It’s the recipe for a full heart. A soul satisfied. 

Because Christmas is somewhere far away from department stores and crumpled receipts and Santa Clause and shiny new things. 


Christmas is somewhere deep. It’s in the middle of a choked out thank you when the soul is overwhelmed by blessing upon blessing. It’s in the middle of ancient melodies that soften hearts and moisten eyes. It’s in the middle of wrinkled smiles and youthful laughter and a waterfall of praise. It’s wedged in the middle of our Grace stories. In the middle of our vulnerability and thanksgiving. 


Christmas and Thanksgiving - holding hands. Tied together because you can’t have one without the other. We give thanks and receive the gift of life swaddled tight in a manger, the cannon ball of Grace that changes everything if we let it. 

May we never lose our wonder for all that is given, for all is Grace.