friday favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I've collected a few of my favorites from this week to share with you:


This blog post entitled "Five Lessons From Running" will have you lacing up your running shoes and pounding that pavement in no time.

I made my own version of these breakfast cookies a few days ago and needless to say they will be a weekly recurrence (I used white chocolate chips and almonds instead of coconut & walnuts--but that's the beauty of how versatile the recipe is!).

Everyone to whom I've shown this song has fallen in love. Personally, I'd say it's perfect to play while chopping up ingredients for a summer salad. 

"Switch your perspective so you view the success of others as inspiration instead of deterrence  from your own success." -- one of the many nuggets of wisdom you'll find in this article on conquering negativity.

If you have a free 18 minutes and maybe a job interview or stressful situation coming up, watch this TED talk and learn some pointers for how body language can help you make it or break it!

That's all! I hope all you lovelies enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday! Don't forget to get outside and soak up some rays :)

Yours truly,

the girl with the messy bun