On Forgiveness #MugMondays

Here it is! The first ever #MugMonday. 

And we’re just gonna go ahead and get real over here. I told you it would be deep!

So, I have this little charm on my favorite bracelet that says “Give forgiveness.” I try to let it be a little reminder for me because for some reason forgiveness is a little difficult.

..okay, a lot difficult.

It’s kind of embarrassing to type that out. But maybe you feel the same? 

About a month ago I was so angry with myself for not being able to truly forgive. I would think I forgave someone in my heart and then the next day I’d find myself becoming frustrated over the same situation or angry with that person all over again. And then, because I would overthink situations to no end, I would “forgive” and then relapse multiple times per day, letting even the littlest things bother me. A hot mess? Yeah, I was.

I thought it was just my issue with giving forgiveness that was the problem. However, I think the crux of the matter was an even greater issue with receiving forgiveness.

Because how do you give someone something you never truly received in the first place? Kind of hard, right?

And I realized something...If I don’t receive real wondrous life-giving forgiveness from God I can never - I repeat never - truly forgive anyone for anything.

I have to be in a place where I am walking daily in the forgiveness and grace of the Lord. It has to be real to me before I can extend it to others. 

So what does that even look like? Well, I’m still figuring it out - but for now, it looks like daily deep communion with God. Not just a quick devotion void of emotion, but time. It requires time spent in worship, time spent in the Word - letting it all change me. 

And belief. Belief in His promises. Belief in the glorious reality of the cross and what that means for the world. Belief that because He died, I have been forgiven and set free.

The more that I soak on those truths, the more I am reminded of His grace and patience with me, which makes it much easier to quickly extend forgiveness to my fellow humans. And to repeat that process daily as problems arise. Because heaven knows we all need heaps of grace and forgiveness from God and from each other...It might just be what makes the world go ‘round.

“...For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” -Ephesians 2:8