on engagements...and everything else

I came across these thoughts journaling about 5 minutes ago and tried to jot them down and save them for the next #MugMondays post, but I don’t really think I can wait that long (And buckle in, this is longer than the usual). Also, disclaimer - I hope this doesn’t come across too harsh, because please know these words are meant to be a lesson to ME more than any of YOU, I’m sure of it.

So we’re here. Our news feeds are heavily seasoned with photos of engagements, foreign adventures, new jobs, graduations, and everything else under the sun. (I’ll admit I’m a sucker for engagement photos- just give me another reason to cry over love - I digress) 

We’re all within the same decade of our lives and yet we are oftentimes in completely different stages of our lives. It’s sometimes hard not to wish for a second that you were in someone else’s shoes - especially if those shoes happen to be flip-flops on a glorious white beach in a place much warmer than Boone, North Carolina. 

And I totally get it - it’s easy to take a second to judge someone else’s life. It makes you feel more OK with your life to justify to yourself why so-and-so’s engagement was “just too young - oh I’d never want to be engaged that young,” or “just too early in their relationship - they haven’t even been dating for a year”

And it’s easy to look upon someone’s world-travels or decision to take a gap year and call it “irresponsible” because you’re the one trudging to class or work every day with no cool adventure planned anytime soon.

I’m not judging you for judging. Because I’ve been there. But can I ask you if it makes you happy? Or simply justified for a half-second?


I wrote these words in my journal this morning,

Something I’ve learned throughout this season of life is that I never want to take a moment of my own life for granted - or wish a moment away. The Lord knows the plans He has for me and they are to prosper me - so why waste any time wishing away these days - or wishing them to be any different than they are? It is much more exciting to live each day with your heart on your sleeve and your mind open to whatever comes your way than to be wishing for someone else’s moment - or analyzing and judging someone else’s life decisions in order to make yourself more comfortable with your own. Marvel at this...

You have been given a unique, exquisite gift - one that was not “picked out” with you in mind, but intricately designed for your exclusive use and enjoyment. Only you can use it for it was created for you and only you. 

That gift is your own incredible life. Why would you ever desire to waste any one of YOUR life seconds concerning yourself with someone else’s life that was designed for THEM - not you?

The bottom line is this:

You have a life to live. And it’s not a chore, it’s a gift. Your gift - that’s been specifically designed for you. You can certainly spend all the time in the world comparing your life with someone else’s, making judgement calls on their decisions, and justifying your own... but when you do that, you’re judging their life-gift based upon your life-gift, which is really quite odd considering neither one is designed to replicate the other.

Instead, choose to celebrate your life. Take it as a gift, because it most certainly is. Each day of your life - right down to the tiny minute seconds of it - is a glorious gift designed to be exactly what you need. Rejoice in that fact.

And when something wonderful happens to someone else, rejoice in the unique gift of their life and all the treasured aspects of their moments. 

Because we don’t want to be the two siblings on Christmas morning with equally bright, shiny, incredible new gifts who are to busy wishing for each other’s gift than to even begin to explore the beauties of our own.